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Forthcoming events and news related to the Faith, Spirituality and Social Change Conference. Older postings that are still of interest are below.

The International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature & Culture will hold their third international meeting in the Netherlands, in July 2009. The theme is 'Religion, Nature and Progress'.

Past Postings

The Fat Jesus – University Professor sparks theological debate on women and body image

4 February 2008:
Professor Lisa Isherwood from the University of Winchester has aroused impassioned debate amongst theologians with her latest book
The Fat Jesus.


Christian 'Climate Challenge Festival'

23rd January 2008:
Over 300 people crowded in to Exeter Cathedral last week to attend an innovative Climate Challenge Festival. ‘Hope Rising’ was organised by churches and Christian agencies to think about global warming in practical and challenging ways. During 19th January a variety of speakers called for urgent action at home, in local communities and Devon’s churches.


Kirk appoints Climate Change Project Officer

December 2007:
Following the debate on climate change at the General Assembly 2007 the Kirk has appointed a Climate Change Project Officer.


Scientists and evangelical leaders form new climate alliance

January 17th 2007 saw the launch of a ground breaking alliance of US Evangelical and scientific leaders in a joint effort to protect the environment. There are only 28 in the group so far, but they include leaders in their field such as biologist E.O. Wilson, and prominent evangelists Rev. Rich Cizik and Rev. Joel Hunter. The alliance has sent an "urgent call to action" to President Bush and other politicians and will prepare a pastor's toolkit, all while putting fundamental disagreements aside. "Whether God created the Earth in a millisecond or whether it evolved over billions of years, the issue we agree on is that it needs to be cared for today," said Cizik. "We will not allow the creation to be ... destroyed by human folly."

More from the National Association of Evangelicals. Grist offers interviews with E.O. Wilson, Rev. Rich Cizik and Rev. Joel Hunter.

God & the Environment. This special series in Grist environmental magazine includes:

The Archbishop of Canterbury on Climate Change

Transcript of BBC interview on 28th March 2006:

The International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture

Promotes critical inquiry into the relationships among human beings and their diverse cultures, environments, and religious beliefs and practices.

Taxes, Revelations and the Politics of Jesus:
An Interview with Julia Butterfly Hil

Forest activist Julia Butterfly Hill declared her intent to redirect her tax dollars to environmental and social causes. It was the largest individual act of war-tax refusal in U.S. history

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