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Web sites related to the Faith, Spirituality and Social Change Conference.

Research Initiatives and Tools

The Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme offers a distinctive scholarly approach to religious learning and understanding across the three Abrahamic traditions.

Citizenship and Faith Initiative at London Metropolitan University.

Economics of Religion Gateway. The economic study of religion includes studies of the current and historic role of religion in advancing or impeding social progress, religiously-oriented critiques of economic theory and practice, and how religion influences the well-being of individuals, families, youth, communities, and nations.

The Faith Based Regeneration Network UK (FbRN) is the leading national multi faith network for community regeneration and social action. It reaches 9,000 individuals and projects, and all faiths.

Faith & Public Policy Forum is born out of a response to the growing debate about the role of faith groups in contemporary Western society and their contribution to the common good.

Gapminder provides tools to increase use and understanding of statistics and other information about social, economic and environmental development at local, national and global levels. is a digital library on ethics that provides free and full-text access to about 200 journals and more than a million documents on Applied Ethics.

The International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture promotes critical inquiry into the relationships among human beings and their diverse cultures, environments, and religious beliefs and practices.

The Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life.

Women's Networks: Women, Religion, and Social Change II, was a conference held at Harvard University in 2003. Transcripts of papers are available. It was hosted by The Pluralism Project at Harvard University.

The Working Group on Religion, Ethics and Nature is a local initiative based at Ohio Northern University.

For links to philosophical discussions and sites with a more academic slant, see The Green Fuse.


GreenSpirit is a movement which celebrates all life as deeply connected and sacred. Although GreenSpirit was originally inspired by Matthew Fox's 'Creation-Centred Spirituality', it seeks to appeal to those both within and beyond the Christian tradition.

St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace organises many events, including interfaith meetings, cultural events, meditations and workshops. It is a "place where faiths can meet and learn from their differences".


Christian Ecology Link

Eco-Congregation is an ecumenical programme helping churches make the link between environmental issues and Christian faith.

The Church Urban Fund supports social action in the poorest areas of England. CUF resource people working at the local level who are putting their faith into action in their neighborhoods.

Anglicans of British Columbia and the Yukon working on environmental issues.

KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives have launched a campaign for a carbon Sabbath.

Sojourners is a progressive Christian commentary on faith, politics and culture. It seeks to build a movement of spirituality and social change.

A Christian network campaigning and praying for global justice.


Liberal Judaism
Liberal Judaism reverences Jewish tradition and desires that Judaism shall be an active force for good in the lives of Jewish individuals, families and communities today, and that it shall make its contribution to the betterment of human society.

The Noah Project
Jewish education, celebration and action for the Earth

Tikkun is both a magazine and a community of people of faith calling for social justice and political freedom. Tikkun seek to build "a movement of spiritual progressives".

Shomrei Adamah (Keepers of the Earth) is a Jewish environmental organization based in Washington, DC.


Islamic Foundation for Ecology & Environmental Sciences

The London Islamic Network for the Environment is the UK's first local Islamic environmental group. They run regular open events and produce a newsletter.


The UK Network of Engaged Buddhists combine the cultivation of inner peace with active social compassion.

PS Buddhist Ecopractice are a network of Western Buddhists
practicing within the sangha of the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order.

Contemporary Paganism

Dragon Environmental Network


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