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This bi-annual academic Journal invites discussion on the dynamic dimensions of inter-faith dialogue and multi-faith action across a range of social change issues. All articles, which will be peer reviewed, will be freely accessible on-line. Although the Journal has no historical or geographical restrictions, we will give priority to articles discussing contemporary issues.

Each issue will usually focus on two themes, offering three articles on each, plus a shorter Reflections article. Reflections provides a forum for more exploratory material, which may be an interim report discussing an on-going project, creative work or a controversial article to provoke debate. Articles for Reflections are especially welcome from non-academic practitioners working for social change from a faith perspective.

ISSN: 1755-5051

Dr. Christina Welch and Dr. Adrian Harris.

International Advisory Board
Prof. Bron Taylor (Ecology), Prof. Elizabeth Stuart (Sexuality), and Dr. Paul Sheeran (Globalization).

Dr. Christina Welch, Theology and Religious Studies, University of Winchester, SO22 4NR.
E-mail: contact@fsscconference.org.uk

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