JFSSC: Issue 1.1


Volume 1, Issue 1. november 2007:
Inter-faith, Politics and sexuality

Adrian Harris and Christina Welch


Cultural Encounters by Means of Artifacts of Faith and Religion: The Tel Aviv Central Bus Station
Shoshana Sitton and Malka Ben-Peshat

Contesting ‘good practice’ in Faith-based Action for Social Change: Changing Policy and Practice in Christian Community Work
Andrew Orton


The Criminal Justice System, Women, and Christianity in the United States: Women of Faith Surviving, but not Reporting, Abuse
Jessica Leigh Zaylía

Spirituality and Social Change at Greenham Common Peace Camp
Christina Welch


Gender and Sexuality in Thai Buddhism
Kulavir Pipat

Changing Religion, Changing Faith: Reflections on the Transformative Strategies of Lesbian, Gay, & Bi-Sexual Christians & Muslims
Andrew Yip


Islamic Marital Order and the Threats of Homosexuality in Nigeria
Ramheson, M.O.

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