University of Winchester

travel & Arrival

See the area maps for directions to Winchester.

Please note that major engineering work on the railway means that part of the train journey from London to Winchester will be replaced by a bus service. This may add an hour to your journey time. For more information see: changes to train times and replacement buses or contact National Rail Enquiries on 08457 48 49 50.

If you're flying to the UK, see travel information from Heathrow airport to Winchester.

The Conference will take place at the West Downs Campus of the University, marked below in a blue box (22).

1 Alwyn Hall, Halls of Residence and parking
2 St Swithun’s Lodge, Halls of Residence
3 The Graduate Centre
4 IT Centre
5 The Herbert Jarman Building
6 The Chaplaincy Centre
7 Reception and Main Building
8 St Grimbalds Court
9 St Elizabeth Hall, Halls of Residence
10 St James’ Hall
11 New University Centre - Currently under construction
12 The Student Union
13 Library
14 Tom Atkinson Building
15 Fred Wheeler Building
16 Sports Hall & Human Movement Centre
17 Dining Hall & Arts Centre
18 The Stripe
19 Beech Glade, Halls of Residence
22 West Downs Campus – West Downs Centre and Student Village
23 Holm Lodge

See the area maps for Winchester directions.

Travel information from Heathrow airport to Winchester