University of Winchester

Youth Inter-faith Event

We are delighted to be welcoming a diverse group of young people from a variety of faiths to take part in the first FSSC youth inter-faith event on Sunday 15th April. Our youth delegates will spend some of the day with the main conference as they will hear the keynote speakers, attend the closing plenary and join other delegates for refreshments and lunch. The remainder of their day will be taken up with discussions on a key issues such as environmentalism, urban regeneration, sustainability and world development.

We hope that the event will develop into a more permanent youth interfaith project such as a local youth inter-faith forum.

The youth delegates will be assisted by:

Clive Erriker (Hampshire County Schools Inspector for Religious Education)

Sue Ganter (Interfusion, Portsmouth )

Islam Jalaita (Faith/Community Development Officer Basingstoke & Deane City Council)

Miqdad ( Wessex Jamat Mosque, Hampshire)

Peer-Jada Quershi (Hampshire Interfaith Network)

Lizzi Shaw

Darryl Shephard ( Hampshire County Youth Council)

We would like to thank The Inter Faith Youth Trust (Kisch Trust) and Hampshire County Council for their financial support for this event.