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ABSTRACTS / Guadalupe Victorica

De Nadie (No One) Mexico, 2005. Documentary about Latin American migration followed by presentation

De nadie tells the story of María, an immigrant from Central America, forced by circumstances to abandon her family, searching for the elusive American Dream. On her way to the United States, she goes through Mexico, where her life becomes a nightmare. De nadie is a documentary about courage and also about the injustices suffered by thousands of people from Central America. They are robbed, tortured and raped, and sometimes also murdered, in Mexico. Before saying good-bye to María, we promise we'll find her family in Honduras to deliver a message acknowledging her odyssey.

Through María and other characters, first-time filmmaker Tin Dirdamal displays moving photographic grace and a sophisticated understanding of his subjects as he follows their search for the sustenance their native countries can't provide. These personal stories force a deeper understanding of the United States' border crisis, while exposing hypocrisies in a Mexican culture that is equally intolerant. The film doesn't take a political stance; it merely brings us the voices of those affected, the results of which are far louder.

An art exhibit will be displayed during the conference.

Audience Award 2006, Sundance Film Festival; Best Feature Documentary 2006, Mexican Academy Awards "Arieles"; Best First Film 2005, Guadalajara Film Festival; Best Film 2005, Monterrey Film Festival; Grand Jury Prix, Best Documentary 2006, Sonoma Valley Film Festival; Audience Award 2006, Amnesty International Film Festival, Seattle; Best Documentary Feature 2006, Cine Las Americas International Film Festival; Best Documentary 2006, Newport Beach Film Festival; Audience Award 2006, Documenta Madrid Film Festival; Best Feature / Audience Award 2006, Festivalito, Canary Islands; Special Jury Mention 2006, Festivalito, Canary Islands, Los Angeles International Latino Film Festival Special Jury Mention 2006.

82 minutes, Spanish with English subtitles

Director: Tin Dirdamal
Producers: Jose Torres, Tin Dirdamal
Researchers: Lizzette Arguello, Iliana Martínez
Executive Producer: Mons. Raul Vera
Camera: Sofía Ortega, Luis Ortuño, Jorge Rodríguez
Editor: José Torres
Music: Alfonso M. Rubial

Biographical Statement

Guadalupe Victorica is married and mother of 3 adolescents, She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Plastic Arts and a Doctorate Degree in Mass Communication Research. A professor and a social science researcher, Guadalupe has worked on the topics of family violence, drugs and adolescents and boys in the streets.

She and her husband are actually working as a volunteer for the Migrant Shelter Saint Martha, Monterrey Mexico. She organized two solo art exhibits about Migration (2006) for the Migrant Shelter.

Guadalupe gives free painting workshops and Human Development courses for girls in a Religious House, youth groups and Low SES Mothers since 1998.

Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
Asociación Mexicana de Investigadores de la Comunicación
Asociación de la Plástica de Garza García
Seminario Se Lider, Art Workshop
Religiosas de Nuestra Sra. de la Caridad el Refugio, Art and Human Development
Asociación de Superación Personal AC
Casa del Migrante Santa Martha

Indiewire Sundance 2006 Interview with Director

Where did the initial idea for your film come from?
As I was working as a volunteer in an immigrant project, there was an urgent need to tell others about these terrible deaths and injustices, in an attempt for them to end.

I became a filmmaker by accident. I worked at an immigrant project as a volunteer in the south of Mexico. I started hearing and seeing terrible injustices committed to Central American immigrants in Mexico, in their attempt to get into the United States. It was then that for the first time in my life I took a camera in my hands and did this movie.

Full interview


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