University of Winchester

ABSTRACTS /Prof. Elizabeth Stuart

When the War is Over: The Challenges of Success in Spirituality and Social Change

This paper will reflect on the theological challenges posed by success in the context of spirituality and social change. Focussing on lesbian and gay theology I will argue that as a theology of liberation it is nearing the end of its useful life and explore some of the difficulties and resistances theology raises to dying when social change is actually achieved. The paper will analyse the connection between identity and a sense of marginalisation and oppression and asks what happens, theologically speaking, to an identity when marginalisation and oppression effectively ends.

Biographical Statement

Prof. Elizabeth Stuart is Professor of Christian Theology at University of Winchester and was founding chair of the Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality. She co-edits the academic journal "Theology and Sexuality". Prof. Stuart has been ordained as a Bishop in the Open Episcopal Church (a small, independent grouping within the United Kingdom).


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