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ABSTRACTS /Dr. Ivan Jerkovic & Mihael Antolovic, BA

Faith-Based and Non-Faith-Based Components in Modern Serbian Education

Key words: education, faith-based, non-faith-based, Serbia.

The paper describes the historic relationship between secular (non-faith based) and faith-based education in Serbia. After revolutionary changes in education brought by the Empress Maria Theresa, religious contents and the role of the church in education were strictly following one another until they were completely abandoned in communist Yugoslavia. After the country broke up in the end of the 20th century, faith-based contents and the role of the church in education were rehabilitated. At present, there have been broad discussions regarding clericalization of education in Serbia suggesting reestablishment of fully non-faith based education in state-owned schools. The authors discuss the advantages and disadvantages of those historic processes from the social democracy development aspect in Serbia.

Biographical Statements
Ivan Jerkovic is assistant professor of developmental psychology and psychopathology at University of Novi Sad. His recent work is in the field of evaluation of teachers` training quality at university level of education.

Mihael Antolovic is assistant in history at Teacher Education Faculty, and postgraduate student of history. He is interested in minority position, including education, in Serbian society during XX century.


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