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ABSTRACTS /Mina Gharavian

Shared in Creation

Faith and spirituality have a deep connection to mystique and awe feeling. They were aspects of existence (at least before dominance of science in which man would see himself in a warm and firm cocoon and feel safe), that caused him to relate to the universe around him.

His desires, nevertheless, have come true in most fields of life; he still feels to be detached and lost in an endless vacuum; the continuous social changes have broken his trusts and certitude down in solidity of the universe, mystics and God.

To compensate the absence of any mystery / magic, he invents certain techniques to accelerate time and life. The problem is the fastest he moves; the most acutely he feels his shelternessless.

It’s time to review definitions inside scientific fields that may concern human being and his social and psychological life. Many if not most of the individual and social abnormalities may be due to the rigidity that has reigned in these fields.

In this paper, it’s to be offer view points to help us rebuilding faith-based lifestyle; because the former concepts seem neither to be efficient nor to be able to cope with increasing psychological complexities, inner needs and man’s feeling of him.

The aims are:

  • to change view points in conception of to be possessed of existence.
  • to ask questions how we can obtain new cognition about faith- based social changes and spirituality
  • to offer new definition about faith - based religion


Faith and spirituality aren’t means of approaching God, but the bed of lovingly connection to universe and existence that release man from loneliness and despair. Regarding social changes, in lifestyle, renewing faith and spirituality are unachievable unless we transmit our perception of the world; we need mysteries in our lifestyle, know to share in its creation.

Biographical Statement

Born in 1963, BA in Educational technology. Author & free researcher in human science, as an author: only a few cards a psychological & philosophical story, as a translator forge & crucible by Mircea Eliade.

Aerospace research Institute, Sana’at Square, Sahrak-e- Quds, Iranzamin Ave, Tehran Iran



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