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ABSTRACTS /Clive Erricker

In Thirty Years Who Will Be Here?

This paper focuses on the voices of young people in relation to faith, spirituality and globalisation. It argues that the issues presented by globalised communication and migration will have a major effect on young people as they assume multiple identities in a shifting world. The latter are often in tension with conservative and reactive forces with regard to measures taken regarding national security and movements that espouse fundamentalist ideologies. The social cohesion agenda and the attempt to modernise religions contribute to the way in which young people are nurtured into a national identity in the UK, does this exemplify social coercion or an important step toward a new, progressive understanding of citizenship? This paper argues that inter-faith dialogue has to recognise the complex issues that need to inform such an endeavour if the next generation are to find it meaningful.

Biographical Statement

Clive Erricker is Hampshire County Inspector for Religious Education.


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