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ABSTRACTS /Jenny Edwards

Conversing across faiths. [Workshop]

"How can I stay with the beliefs that sustain me and at the same time appreciate how your beliefs sustain you? What do I need to do to learn how your beliefs sustain you without undermining my own faith or spirituality?

What can I do and you do that allows us to grow a mutual respect - a respect that makes possible agreement about what needs to be done in the society we share?"

This workshop demonstrates a practical approach to appreciating our own and other people's faith and spirituality in order to grow mutual respect. This approach helps focus attention on how to recognise our common humanity through our different faiths and spirituality. When this recognition is present the desire for mutual well-being can underpin the actions we take in how we live together.

Biographical Statement

Jenny Edwards is one of the founder members of Communication & Action - a not for profit Industrial and Provident Society for the Benefit of the Community, based in Southern England - which has been set up to enable community groups and organisations to learn a range of skills and processes that help people with different faiths, agendas, values, and experience live and work peacefully together.


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