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Spirit is Matter Seen in a Stronger Light. Mentoring one another in witness in God’s economy – that works for everyone and protects the earth

This Power Point presentation will show how, in a faith at once intimate, corporate and global, and recognising that spirit is matter seen in a stronger light, the Christian Council for Monetary Justice encourages the mentoring of people with insights, skills and opportunities, that their witness may effect change in the regeneration of an economy that works for everyone and protects the earth.

With case studies of current work and witness I illustrate the opportunity for a servant ministry and mission that produces working models in various aspects of economic life contributing to the paradigm shift from an economy of man, based on the power of vested interests, to an economy of God, based on inclusive structures of justice.

There will be special emphasis on four ogres that stalk our society,

* an acceptance of the economic status quo,

* a profound mal-distribution of land assets and resources,

* an inordinate power given to corporations,

*a fraudulent bank money/credit system,

and the Christian vocation to deal with them in a non-conflictual way.

One underlying conviction in this presentation will be based on studies of a Christian view of wealth that indicate how ignoring the issue of usury has set human development on path of syn-suicide. Another will be the urgent need to advance the view that the first call on a nation’s wealth should be a basic income for all citizens.

Biographical Statement

Canon Peter Challen, MA, FRSA, Anglican, formerly Senior Chaplain of the ecumenical South London Industrial Mission (SLIM) for 29 years, Free Citizen of the Borough of Southwark 1996, Sloan Fellow of the London Business School, Fellow of the RSA and member of the Living Systems Work Gp.

Currently Chairs the Christian Council for Monetary Justice, which seeks the restoration of the creation of money to democratic accountability; such credit being lent interest free into the economy, not issued as interest-bearing debt. He is co-author of ‘Seven Steps to Justice’

He co-founded and chaired the Southwark Credit Union Development Association and Southwark Heritage Association, and is a Trustee of the South East London Community Foundation and of Training for Life, specialising in opportunities for Care Leavers and Lone Parents. He works with the LETSlink London group to find synergy between Credit Unions, Time Hours, International Barter and Local Exchange Trading Systems..



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