University of Winchester


Papers, workshops and presentations.

Ban, Tina: New Age Rituals and Social Change

Bishop, Jonathan: Social change in organic and virtual communities

Boyce-Tillman, June: The mystical experience as reconciliation of the embodied and disembodied

Challen, Peter: Spirit is Matter Seen in a Stronger Light. Mentoring one another in witness in God’s economy – that works for everyone and protects the earth

Cranston, Mike: Life at the Edge: Anglican Mission in the context of the prevailing adult cultures in the ‘Southampton Deanery’

Edwards, Jenny : Conversing across faiths. [Workshop]

Davis, Cathi: Lifestyle as Protest

Docksey, Lesley: Removing the Labels (Culture - Language)

Duce, Catherine & Moon, Susannah:Linking Lives Through Connecting Communities: working with young people across faiths in the North East of England. [Workshop]

Erricker, Clive: In Thirty Years Who Will Be Here?

Gharavian, Mina:Shared in Creation

Harris, Adrian: Bodies of Faith

Jerkovic, Ivan & Antolovic, Mihael: Faith-Based and Non-Faith-Based Components in Modern Serbian Education

Masters, Tom: Wilderness. [Dramatic monologue]

Keenan, Michael: Creating Christian Homosexuality’: The Church and the ‘gay issue

Orton, Andrew: Contesting ‘good practice’ in faith-based action for social change: Changing policy and practice in Christian community work

Orogun,Tosin: Implementing Faith-Driven Social Change

Kollontai, Pauline:A Model of Intrinsic Inter-religious Dialogue Created through Extrinsic Motivation

Pipat, Kulavir: Gender and Sexuality in Thai Buddhism

Sanders, Roger: Breaking the Corporate Habit of Domination through Cell-by-Cell Transformation

Sitton, Shoshana and Ben-Peshat, Malka: Cultural Encounters Through Artifacts of Faith and Religion: Representations of Faith and Religion as Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Tel-Aviv Central Bus Station

Stuart, Elizabeth: When the War is Over: The Challenges of Success in Spirituality and Social Change

Tiangco, Joseph: Sunyata and Postmodern Ambiguity as Philosophies of Spirituality: Implications to Education, Multi-Faith Dialogue, and Developing a Culture of Peace

Walker, Brian : The Diagenetic Paradigm: From inter-faith dialogue to creative action

Williams, Alison: Building the Earth: World Development & Social Regeneration with reference to UN Renewal & Interreligious Encounter

Yip, Andrew: Changing Religion, Changing Faith: Reflections on the Transformative Efforts of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Christians and Muslims.